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10 Reasons Why You Need A Day Of Coordinator

Many of our clients hire us even if their venue provides a coordinator, but others ask - do I really need a planner in if my venue has a coordinator? Because of that, we put together a list of 10 things that we do/or have done for clients and which venue coordinators don't cover. These are included in Day Of Coordination packages, but the list gets even longer when compared to Full or Partial Planning:

  1. Coordinate (lead) your wedding rehearsal

  2. Format all of your special requests into your wedding schedule, then inform all vendors (most venue coordinators just confirm arrival time with vendors)

  3. Coordinate your family and bridesmaids through hair and makeup, first look and pre-wedding portraits (hint - it takes A LOT of coordination to get a bride and groom to a first look location without seeing each other)

  4. Ensure that your entire bridal party eats breakfast. Many times, we even pick up and deliver it in the morning. Its a LONG day, and you need fuel to look happy in photos!

  5. Help you pick up items left behind at your hotel, should you forget to pack them in your venue bag (this by the way is one of many reasons that every wedding comes with 2 coordinators - time is limited and the show must go on so we work as a team to tackle multiple venues and tasks at once!)

  6. Create a wedding schedule that accommodates hair and makeup through cleanup for all of your vendors to follow

  7. Review your vendor agreements to ensure that what was agreed matches your vision, and flag changes/additions needed before the wedding day (ie - do you have enough photography hours for pre-wedding shots through dancing? Many couples miss things)

  8. Email all bridal party members & family with important instructions about the rehearsal, call time for hair/makeup and departure information to ensure that we leave on time and your wedding starts on time.

  9. Serve as the point of contact for your limo/party bus service on the wedding day

  10. Push for unique floor plans, place settings and more. Many venue coordinators will tell you how 'its usually done" instead of thinking of ways to create a unique experience for you.

  11. Bonus: (For Full Planning) Create and manage your total wedding budget - including vendors that fit within your vision and budget (Most vendors send 1 canned vendor list to everyone regardless of budget)

We know that was a lot to think about - but as wedding planners, we really do think about every detail of the day, and all of the gaps in between your vendor agreements to ensure that the day flows smoothly and that you have space to experience it!

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