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Best Wedding Venue For A Rustic Fall Wedding In Berkley Heights, NJ

Are you looking to have an authentic rustic fall wedding in New Jersey? I have just the place for you! Masker's barn in the deserted village near Berkeley Heights, NJ is the perfect place to have your rustic fall wedding. The barn is newly renovated and very spacious. It comes with an outdoor ceremony space as well. The best part about the barn is that is a blank slate, so your imagination is allowed to run wild with options on how you want to bring your rustic fall wedding vision to life. I've had the pleasure of coordinating and decorating 2 weddings here. It is super imperative to have a planning and decorating team on hand if you have a wedding here, as it is a very big DIY project. As a coordinator and decorator here I've helped decorate and breakdown both the reception area inside the barn and the outdoor ceremony space, make the floor plan and seating chart, and work with all the vendors(caterer, bartender, DJ, etc.) to make sure the night ran smoothly.


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