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Multicultural Wedding at the Rockleigh in Rockleigh, NJ

I had such a great time planning this multicultural wedding for my clients. The 2 cultures we were fusing in this wedding were Jamaican(big ups!) and Indian. Not only did it come together gorgeously both sides came to party! What I loved the most about this wedding was how both sides embraced each others cultures. For instance, although the bride started the ceremony in her traditional white wedding dress, she changed into a saree(that her mother- in- law made) halfway into the reception. Also, during the reception the bride and groom brought both their sides together by doing a group dance that had a mix of reggae and Bollywood pop genres to represent both sides being blended. There was never a dull moment on the floor as the DJ was able get both sides amped playing a mix of both culture genres throughout the night.

The Rockleigh was the best venue to host this wedding as it had over 300 guest in attendance and the room did not feel cramped or tight at all! There was plenty of space for everyone to sit comfortably at their tables or dance the night away on the dance floor. Evryone had such an amazing time, and it is still one of my favortie weddings to date!

Are you having a large multicultural wedding and are inneed of planner to take the stress away? Contact us today so we can get started planning your dream wedding together!

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